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“Chiropractic is a natural health practice that alleviates pain and enhances movement through the use of coaching and hands-on therapies that restore functionality of the body’s joints, muscles, nerves, vessels, and organs.”

Our treatment is not limited to solely adjustments. We incorporate muscular release therapies and personalized rehab with adjustments to enhance performance and fast track your recovery. After we get you out of pain and capable of returning to strenuous activity, the occasional tune up is recommended but not required when you follow the home rehab plan we assign.

During your first visit, Dr. Jack or Dr. Peyton will take you through a complete examination. The exam process is one of the most important pieces of your care plan and allows us to determine exactly why you are having the current pain/limitations and their origins. This session takes 45-60 minutes and will consist of the following: history, functional evaluation, orthopaedic/ neurological assessment, joint/soft tissue evaluation and treatment.

Follow up appointments are approximately 30-45 minutes in length of 1-on-1 treatment. Each treatment will vary by individual and per condition. It is not uncommon that a patient begins to feel relief after the first visit.

If this is the right approach to your condition, you will know within the first two treatments.

Our treatments consist of hands-on and movement therapy to restore function where necessary.

Soreness is common early on in treatment due to soft tissue and neurological adaptations taking place with treatment. This tends to subside after the first day and a half, at which point patients recognize relief of the overarching injury.

Yes – We Accept the following PPO Insurance Plans
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Aetna
  • Unitedhealth
  • Humana


We also accept Medicare.

Cash visits are subject to appropriate time of service discount

Injury pain Related questions

Yes! Cross-Up Chiropractic, especially, has had positive results with shoulder pain because we provide muscular rehab that addresses the different forces on the arm, shoulder blade, and spine. If you’d like to learn more about shoulder impingement and joint mechanics.

We love treating hip pain. Shooting pain, deep and aching pain, sharp pain, numbness all have specific origins. We work on restoring the muscle activity, blood and lymph circulation, and nerve transmission with active release and rehab. Hip issues are one of the leading causes of back pain. By treating the muscles and ligaments around the pelvis, hip, and thigh, we can effectively prevent any spread from postural imbalance.

Yes! Don’t be fooled by the buzzwords, numbness and tingling down the arm and into the hand is rarely a true presentation of carpal tunnel syndrome. There are various nerves in the arm that stem from the neck and pass down the arm through different muscles. At Cross-Up, we are trained to individually release them from the main entrapment points throughout the length of the arm. Combining this muscular release with postural exercise allows for quick resolution and lasting results.

Yes, we treat kids for various issues including pain, headaches, ear infections, and movement imbalances. Fortunately, children are very resilient and they tend to respond well and fast to treatment. They love the adjustments and other low impact therapies like cupping. Dr. Peyton is actually certified for Pediatric Chiropractic Care and has treated babies under the age of 2.

Yes! It’s also good to know there are other forms of disc pain besides that from bulges and herniations. Bulges and herniations tend to heal over time, but this can takes months. Chiropractic can certainly speed up this process by restoring joint mechanics. Disc pain from unstable shearing movement of vertebra or from poor weight displacement requires more detail, and is where we at Cross-Up excel. Our combination of muscular and joint methods aim to restore tone and posture, while creating strength and stability that’s necessary to control healthy spinal movement.

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