Rehabilitative / Corrective Exercise

Dr. Rieke Demonstrates Core Strengthening for Low Back Pain

Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

Connective tissue throughout the body becomes shortened or chronically strained from chronically poor posture or altered mechanics. At Cross-Up, we use soft tissue instruments to reduce the myofascial tissue congestion that limits oxygen delivery to tissues and predisposes them to injury. 

Tools are used stimulate the body in static positions, as well as during exercises, in order to alleviate pain and restore proper function of muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerve, and their surrounding environment.  Used in the form of

  • Gua Sha carbonite stone or steel tool
  • Rubber compression & floss bands

Rehabilitative/Corrective Exercise

Repetitive stresses to the body are often a result of unstable body mechanics. At Cross-Up, we provide patients with exercises to correct imbalance and create strength where it's necessary. Certain exercises may be specific to the office, but we send you home with others to continue your improvements at home.  

Massage Therapy

Tuesday Evenings from 4 - 9 pm. Our massage therapist works closely with Dr. Rieke to understand patients' specific needs. Massage Therapy pairs excellently with Chiropractic Care and helps to reduce pain, improve circulation, and decrease stress. Patients often report an overall feeling of wellness and comfort. Our therapist, Nataliia Dovgun, is highly certified and has trained in multiple countries. 

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