Chiropractic Therapy

Full Body Integrated Care

The practice of Chiropractic has grown substantially with respect to supporting research and expanding roles. Cross-Up Chiropractors embrace the duty of a Physician to evaluate and manage the various systems of the body including the musculo-skeletal, neurological, cardiovascular, lymphatic, digestive, & hormonal. 

Cross-Up specializes in Physical Medicine and Nutrition. Our bodies operate as a finely tuned machine that requires many parts to work in sync. We understand the importance of looking at how structures link together to create swift and stable movement. 

Chiropractic must be more than a joint therapy; at Cross-Up, we thoroughly examine the body region causing your pain and restriction, then we create a recovery plan that gets you better as quickly and effectively as possible. 

Patients from surrouding towns, including Mundelein, Libertyville, Vernon Hills, and more prefer our Chiropractors evaluation and treatments becuase they see significant results in record time.

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Chiropractic Adjustments aka Chiropractor Manipulation Therapy

Stress, tension, over exertion, improper mechanics and other factors may not allow the spine to move properly through its normal range of motion. This can result in minor shifts of one or more spinal segments and the surrounding muscles, ligamnet, and nerves. 

Adjustments are used by a Chiropractor to create a balanced pressure inside the joints, restoring the alignment of the joint surfaces, and allowing the joint to maximize it’s range of motion and function. 

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