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Chiropratic Therapy

Chiropractic Physicians are specialists in Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal Health whose aim is to restore active communication between the brain and mechanical structures of the body. Adjustments are one of many tools we use to treat the body.

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Muscle Release & Rehab

Imagine a one stop shop Chiropractor with Muscle Release Therapies and Rehab Built in to your treatment plan. You've found it. Cross-Up Doctors recognize the important balance between strength and flexibility needed for stable, pain-free movement.

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Diet & Nutrition

No fads or "special" pills. Learn how to use food as medicine! Whether you're struggling with weight loss, metabolic syndrome, thryoid disease, or just feel crummy and don't know why, we divise a plan to work with and teach you how to conquer your condition.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Technique utilized for common conditions including anxiety, infertility, pain, abdominal discomfort, and various of systemic disorders. Patients leave these sessions feeling relaxed yet revitalized. You'll be shocked by how good you feel.

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The Complete Chiropractic Experience that incorporates muscular release therapies and rehab with adjustments to enhance performance and fast track your recovery.

Our combination of methods brings a new level of sophistication to natural care because our Chiropractor’s emphasize pain-free movement, stability, and endurance.

Our focus is on finding and fixing the underlying problem – not just masking it.

  • Neck & Upper Back Pain
  • Low Back & S.I. Joint Pain
  • Extremity Pain
  • Sport Injuries
  • Nerve Entrapments
  • Impingements
  • Disc Injury & Stenosis
  • Headaches
  • Sciatica
  • AND More
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Our Method

First, by releasing tension and promoting circulation through muscular therapies, we eliminate the barriers of movement and ensure full range of motion.

It is then through specific rehab that we balance supporting muscles to counter poor posture.

Finally, we challenge the original area of complaint with previously painful activities to guarantee an improvement that will get you back to doing what you want, need, love, or desire to do without hesitation.

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If you are interested in care outside of normal hours, please call and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
Holistic Care with Many Cool Services

Libertyville’s Rehab Chiropractor

“Rehabilitation” means restoring your quality of life through movement therapy. Corrective exercise has been shown to reduce pain and increase recovery speed. This type of phyiscal therapy is very effective for many conditions.

Dr. Jack & Dr. Peyton will coach you through exercise progressions specific to your condition. Return home with the knowledge and exercises needed to hold your great results, and to prevent you from getting hurt again.


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Rehab Chiropractor
Acupuncture Libertyville



Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Technique that  stimulates specific points on the body by gently inserting thin needles through the skin.

It has long been used as a safe and comfortable treatment for common conditions including anxiety, infertility, pain, abdominal discomfort, and various of systemic disorders.



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Fire Cupping is a method of soft tissue release that differs from conventional massage in that it emphasizes decompression of the body tissues by using suction beneath the cups to stretch the fascia and open fluid channels for exchange of nutrients. It is therapeutic to both the physical and mental state.



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Cupping Therapy

Chiropractor for Families & Athletes

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