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Pain Management
The Mental Management of Life & Pain

I’d like to share with you some wisdom I have learned from the great Stoic Philosopher, Marcus Aurelius. His “Meditations,” as they were posthumously named, can be very helpful at teaching how to control your perception in a way that will benefit your health, relationships, character, and pursuits.  The Art of Perception “The impediment to

Clean home
Mold: Cleaning your Home

Mold is everywhere. Learn what is good vs. what is bad and how to live in a clean and safe home.

Shoulder Pain
Shoulder Pain with Raising & Pulling:

Shoulder pain is right up our alley as Chiropractors as we can address the complex series of joints invovled as well as the soft tissues prone to damage.

Family Chiropractor
Libertyville’s Family Chiropractor

Chiropractor for the whole family. Young and Old, Athletes and Math-letes. We value you as an individual.

Chiropractor for you
How Can a Chiropractor Help You?

Cross-Up Chiropractor's are different in a great way. Here's why we can help you.

Back Pain
Back Pain When I Get Out of Bed: What is Spinal Stability?

The core muscles act a brace around the spine to transmit forces between the upper and lower half and reduce any compressive stresses placed on the spine.