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Physical Therapy

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What is Physical Therapy?

As we mentioned on the muscle release page, it would be ineffective to just adjust and release everything because of our potential to have tight but long muscles in the body. This means that even though a muscle may feel locked up, stretching through this would make it worse. At Cross-Up Chiro, we know how to assess this properly. 

Soft tissue release without exercise training or physical therapy is equivalent to trying to jump rope with a slinky. Yes, you’re mobile but still can’t withstand a stable tension needed for speed and efficiency. When structures are stretched and released, strength and coordination training must be used to balance the structure as a whole. 

Physical therapy is another way of saying movement rehab or rehabilitation. Elimination of pain is usually the easy part – the more important and work intensive phase is preparing the body to handle more physical stress without compromise. 

Dr. Jack and Dr. Peyton have extensive training in various methods of rehabilitation. They have studied some of the best in the industry and combined their knowledge and techniques to coach and train patients as best as possible. 

Why Chiropractic & Physical Therapy go hand in hand.

Physical recovery comes with its aches and soreness. It’s no wonder why professional athletes spend so much money on recovery throughout the year because they know that it increases their capacity to train and play. 

All of you are working hard at whatever you do – each profession, family obligation, hobbies requires it’s own set of responsibilities that place different kinds of stress on the body. 

With all the services of Chiropractic we offer, they aim to create the right mechanical and physiological environment for physical demands. A focus on recovery then enhances these techniques by stimulating the movement of nutrients around the body and aiding in neurological adaptation of the tissues to prevent soreness. 

Meet Our Physical Therapists

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapist Dr. Jack P Rieke

Chiropractor, Active Release + Rehab Specialist

Dr. Rieke is always looking to build on the tools and resources he can use to provide the best care for every patient. He was inspired by Chiropractic at a young age when his mother suffered from severe and chronic pain. After seeing about 13 specialists and undergoing countless failed procedures, his mother finally experienced effective and lasting relief by visiting a Chiropractor. After becoming a patient himself, he recognized the immense impact this practice makes on the lives of many and knew right away that he wanted to pursue this career of service to others.

More information about Dr. Jack

Physical Therapist Dr. Peyton Habenicht

Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, NET, FMT, Webster Certified

At just 14 years old, Dr. Habenicht developed a passion for Chiropractic Medicine and decided this field was her future. As a committed soccer player, Dr. Habenicht was always searching for real health solutions instead of medication for her injuries. In high school, she sought out Chiropractic Care for a severe ankle sprain. As a result she experienced full resolution of ankle pain and weakness, and due to the comprehensive nature of the practice she also had relief of hip pain and a reduction of GERD symptoms and debilitating migraines.

More information about Dr. Peyton

Physical Therapy

What our patients say about us

Why People Choose our Professional Physical Therapy

Trusted & Honest chiropractor

Trusted & Honest Physical Therapists

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are highly-qualified and specialize in different areas of holistic care that will answer all your needs. 
Innovative chiropractic treatments

Innovative Physical Therapy Treatments

We offer the best quality of care with an array of beneficial services and techniques. You will love this style of Chiropractic.
Personalized Care chiropractor

Personalized Care

We always make time for you. We describe it as an experience because its not just care; this is time for you to learn, practice, feel, and grow. 

Conditions we Treat in Physical Therapy Clinics


Physical Therapy + Rehabilitative  Exercise

Adhesive capsulitis
Bulging disc
Back Pain
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Core stability
Degenerative disc disease
Degenerative joint disease
Difficulty walking
Disc herniation
Disc injuries
Failed back surgery
Frozen shoulder
Golfer’s/tennis elbow
Hip pain
Iliotibial band (IT) syndrome
Impingement syndromes
Jaw pain
Joint pain
Knee pain
Lateral/medial epicondylitis
Lower back pain
Muscle spasms
Neck pain
Nerve Entrapment (Numbness/Tingling)
Overuse injuries
Pinched nerves
Piriformis syndrome
Plantar fasciitis
Post-surgical back pain
Pregnancy-related back pain
Rotator cuff syndrome
Shoulder pain
Shin splints
Soft tissue adhesions
Spinal stenosis
Sprains and strains
TMJ disorder

Our Physical Therapy Recovery Tools

We use several techniques at Cross-up Chiro, depending on our patient’s needs. One or more techniques may be used to provide the best results for you.

Normatec Compression Therapy

A Recovery tool lik dynamic air compression effectively mimics the muscle pump of the legs and arms, enhancing the movement of fluid and metabolites out of the limbs after an intense workout or activity.

Studies show it can help:

  • relieve muscle aches and/or pain
  • increase circulation resulting in increased flexibility and range of motion, injury prevention, and accelerated recovery time.

This is also a great tool post-treatment to mitigate soreness from the neurological adaptation to release therapies we use.

Functional Taping

Taping was popularized by the Olympics, but has many more applications for common conditions. It allows the body to respond to appropriate ranges of movement and provides nervous system input through its stretch properties.

This is a great recovery tool to manage pain and assist performance after treatment from the Chiropractor.

With respect to recovery – The elastic tape causes crimps to form under skin where it’s located, which aids in lymphatic circulation needed to clear out damaged tissue from exercise or injury.

Hypervolt Muscle Stimulation & Massage

This form of muscle massage therapy stimulates nerve sensors in the muscle that allow it to fully relax. It is used to

  • Improve range of motion
  • Relieve muscle soreness and stiffness
  • Promote circulation
  • Control pain
  • Reduce swelling
  • Speed up warm-up and post-exercise recovery

Cross-Up Chiropractors also use it during exercise therapy to improve muscle activation, strength, and power.

Hydrocollation Heat & Contrast

This is the use to full body moist clay heating pads with ice contrast on the low back to stimulate a vascular response that promotes widespread oxygen delivery.

Our  Stretch & Release Techniques

Active Release Technique (ART)

We are full body certified to treat the spine, upper & lower extremity with this technique. It is the most targeted soft tissue technique available and it restores function, mechanics, and nutrition to muscle and ligaments, while freeing up tension around nerves. 

Body Tempering

This is the use of a weighted roller on larger muscles – mainly of the lower body. This is excellent for working tension out of the hamstrings, quadriceps, and gluteals, while improving the reliance of those muscles. Temper means to prepare the muscle for heavier loads. 

Sports & Fire Cupping 

This tool comes from ancient chinese and mayan practice. The vacuum created in the cup creates suction against the skin to open the underlying tissues and facilitate circulation. 

Fascial Flossing

This is the use of a thick resistance band around joints and soft tissues of the upper and lower body. The band grabs hold of the skin and underlying connective tissue, and then movement is used to floss and release the muscles, nerves, and vessels below. 

Muscle Gliding

A gua sha tool with a beveled edge is used to glide along the muscles to promote fluid exchange and break up contracted tissues. This is great for accessing deeper tension in areas with more layers of muscle.

Our Rehab Training Techniques

Strength & Conditioning

These two components must always cooperate in a healthy system. One can only thrive with the other simultaneously. We use protocols proven to improve muscle physiology and to help you achieve long term treatment relief without relapse.   

Proprioceptive (Balance & Coordination) Training

Proprioception is a sensory feedback system in the body that is continuously sending signals to the muscles about where they are in space. This type of training is essential in injury prevention because it teaches the muscles to respond to unexpected forces. This system is the foundation of all training.

Spinal Stability training

In cases where spinal pain in unaffected by soft tissue release, there is a clear case for spinal instability that leads to shearing of the vertebra. This causes reflexive spasms in the surrounding musculature. Stability training off loads stress from the spine onto the girdle of support musculature. 

Principles of the following:

Donnie Thompson (World Record Powerlifter), Kelly Starrett (PT, CrossFit Trainer, Mobility Coach), National Academy of Sport Medicine, Ben Patrick (Knees Over Toes Guy/Athletic Training Group Founder), Dr. Stuart McGill PhD (Backfit Pro Inc), Mark Bell (Super Training Gym/Powerproject Host), Stan Efferding (Vertical Diet & Training), Thomas Myers (Fascial Trains)

“Our focus is on finding and fixing the underlying problem – not just masking it.”

Physical Therapy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What to wear to physical therapy?

For physical therapy, it is best to wear loose-fitting sportswear, sneakers. You need to know what type of treatment you are having and choose your clothing based on that.

How much does physical therapy cost?

The cost of physical therapy cost near me depends on the area of the procedure. Prices for some services are shown in the table below.

Physical therapy Price,$
Initial Examination & Treatment 125-240$.
Follow-Up Treatment 75-160$.

How long does physical therapy take?

A typical physical therapy program lasts six to eight weeks because this factors in the length of time for soft tissue to heal as well as the time to rebuild strong resilient tissue. But the physical therapist builds a treatment plan for you initially and it can be different for each patient.

What is the difference between occupational therapy and physical therapy?

Occupational therapy – focuses on the activities the patient does on a daily basis that are important to them.
Helping the patient cope with pain, motor skills improve, improve range of motion is physical therapy.

Does insurance cover physical therapy?

Yes – We accept the following PPO Insurance Plans:

  • BlueCross BlueShield
  • Aetna
  • UnitedHealthcare

We also accept Medicare.
Cash visits are subject to appropriate time of service discount.

Additional services we offer

It is our goal to provide you with the highest quality of care and a successful experience. Our family taking care of yours!


Traditional Chinese Medicien Technique ulilized for common conditions including anxiety, infertility, pain, abdominal discomfort, and various systemic disorders. Patients leave these sessions feeling relaxed yet revitalized. You’ll be shocked by how good you feel.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic Physicians are specialists in Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal health whose aim is to restore active communication between the brain and mechanical structures of the body. Adjustments are one of the many amazing tools we use to treat the body.

Diet & Nutrition

No fads or “special” pills. Learn how to use food as medicine! Whether you’re struggling with weight loss, metabolic syndrome, thyroid disease, or just feel crummy and don’t know why; we divise a plan to work with and teach you how to thrive in health. 

Sports Medicine

We trained with the same Chiros that treat the Blackhawks, Bulls, Sox, and Bears. Our experience isn’t limited to those sport – Soccer, Running, and Golf athletes are particularly common in our office. We have both a Male and Female Chiropractor to ensure care is comfortable and effective.

Car Accidents

Accidents happen, but don’t carry the pain with you for years to come. See a Chiropractor for effective treatment to restore function and alleviate pain. Our hands on approach will allow you to give direct and instant feedback during treatment, so that we can gauge progress and fight the problem at it’s source.

Locations where we Serve Physical Therapy


Physical Therapy Libertyville


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Physical Therapy Lake Zurich


Physical Therapy Vernon Hills


Physical Therapy Mundelein


Physical Therapy Gurnee

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