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Chiropractic Care & Diagnostic Evaluation

Stress, tension, over exertion, improper mechanics and other factors may not allow the spine to move properly through its normal range of motion. This can result in minor displacements or derangements of one or more vertebrae and the surrounding soft tissue structures. Chiropractic aims to restore movement where necessary and ultimately restore neurological signaling to all effected tissues.  

Active Release Techniques® (ART®)

Over-used muscles (and other soft tissues) change in three important ways:

  • acute conditions (pulls, tears, collisions, etc)
  • accumulation of small tears (micro-trauma)
  • not getting enough oxygen (hypoxia)

Active Release Technique provides  patients and athletes with a targeted treatment of soft tissues (muscle, tendon, fascia, nerves) due to its focus on proper anatomy and physiology.  



Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

Superficial fascia and connective tissue becomes shortened and chronically strained, leading to pain and kinetic dysfunction. Using soft tissue instruments and cupping to break up these myofascial adhesions and stimulate muscles in static positions, as well as during exercises, helps to alleviate pain and restore proper function.   

Rehabilitative/Corrective Exercise

Repetitive stresses to the body are often a result of poor mechanics due to muscular imbalance. At Cross-Up, we incorporate necessary corrective exercises to create strength where it's necessary. Certain exercises may be specific to the office, but we like to send you home with others to consolidate your improvements at home.  



This ancient technique continues to grow in the contemporary practice of traditional medicine. At Cross-Up we like to utilize cupping for its soft tissue benefits and particularly as an active procedure to facilitate proper movement and functionality. 

Vibratory Massage

This form of therapy stimulates certain receptors that allow the muscles to relax more thoroughly. It has been shown to be great for pain reduction and post-exercise recovery.   

Functional Taping (Kinesio-tape application)

Taping was popularized by the Olympics, but has many more applications for common conditions. It allows the body to respond to appropriate ranges of movement with neurological input through its stretch properties. This is a great way to manage pain and improve performance due to its versatility and accessibility. 

news flash: your feet, knees, hips, and back are connected

Foot Levelers Custom Orthotics

You may be wondering why a Chiropractor would prescribe orthotics. It's simple, your feet are your foundation and they impact the mechanics of the rest of the body system. Foot Levelers Orthotics are custom made based on a 3-D scan of your feet using pressure, topographical imaging, and a series of sophisticated calculations that indicate your stability. 

Most podiatry offices provide orthosis with a single large and hard correction to the inside of the foot, but Foot Levelers uses the more biomechanically appropriate 3 arch system. The 3 arch system addresses all 3, as opposed to 1, of the characteristic arches of the foot: transverse, medial, and lateral. These corrections offer a comfortable solution to poor foot mechanics and at a fraction of the cost of the traditional molds you may have been recommended. 

Cross-Up will offer you a free scan with a detailed report and let you decide whether pursuing orthotics is in your best interest. Learn more about how your knee, hip, and low back pain may be linked to muscle imbalances propagated by an unstable foundation. 

Work, Recreation, or Athletics - Foot Levelers has  a variety of options specific to your activity
Work, Recreation, or Athletics - Foot Levelers has a variety of options specific to your activity