We Accept the Following PPO Insurance Plans as well as Medicare

Blue Cross Blue Shield


United Healthcare



Everyone’s plan is different. Don’t know the details? We will look them up for you to better understand your coverage.


Cash patients are allowed the appropriate time of service discount with respect to the law.



What is a copay?

Copay is the amount you owe at the time of the service. This is a standardized amount relative to your plan and it usually ranges from 10-50 dollars.

What is c0-insurance?

Once you have met your deductible, the co-insurance is a certain percentage of the total cost that you still owe. This typically ranges from 10-20 percent. Some plans do not have a co-insurance at all.

Have I met my deductible?

If you have received health care services at other locations, it is likely to have reduced you total yearly deductible. This amount fluctuates depending on your particular health plan.

What do I owe with Medicare?

These plans strictly cover the an adjustment (spinal manipulation) service. Depending on your condition, this is not always adequate to improve your condition. Therefore, Medicare plans may be subject to an additional cost for uncovered services. Our patients are happy to cover this additional because of our committment to providing them the time and services they need to feel better.

Why the Cross-Up Method saves money

We aim to get patients better in the shortest amount of time possible. This investment into your health reflects the time and value of services rendered. At Cross-Up, we spend more time in each visit to give you the tools to heal as quickly as possible. This contrasts the long terms, high frequency plans at other offices that are cumulatively more time and money.